The 100 Best Skyrim Mods You Should Download

It is really a tough job to find out the best Skyrim mods. That’s because there are tons of Skyrim mods, there is maximum 28,000 Skyrim mods that you can download on the Steam Workshop, and unlimited more on Skyrim Nexus. They’re just out to convert farmyard animals into deadly explosives. Whatever drifts? But when you’re watching for Skyrim mods, where do you jump?

Today we have decided to present you a complete list of the 100 best Skyrim mods that we think is essential to experience. They’ll make the vanilla 2011 released game look superior than even the 2016 Special Edition version.

And, best thing is that these all mods are totally free! If you have never tried before, there’s no need to panic when it comes to mods of Skyrim. The Steam Workshop sorts it easy to install and activate mods, and the more innovative ones are simply added to a special folder.

best Skyrim mods

Skyrim Mods Categories:

These are the following are the main categories of the mods of Skyrim, they further comprises no. of mods and their specifications.

  • Skyrim graphics mods
  • Skyrim gameplay mods
  • Skyrim weapons and armor mods
  • Skyrim world mods
  • Skyrim quest mods
  • Skyrim funny mods

Now we will discuss them one by one, but first we will discuss that how we can install the Skyrim mods!


Well skyrim is one of the coolest games on PC to mod thanks to its incorporation with the Steam Workshop. All you have to do is keep an eye on the links we’ve delivered to the Workshop pages. This will download and apply the mod to your game with no worry at all. But some of the mods are not available on the Steam Workshop. For those mods, we’ve associated to the Skyrim Nexus. Each mods comprises different methods of installation, so make sure to follow the steps correctly that inventor has given sensibly. You’ll likely be adding to the Skyrim ‘Data’ file, which can usually be found at:

C:Program FilesSteamsteamappsCommonSkyrimData

Filling mods into your mod folder by any ungiven direction may be result in shutdown of your game in a much more exact logic. You just try them out one at a time, and if you want to manually add some difficult mods you’ll requisite to use gears like the Load Order Optimization Tool and Mod Organizer 2.

100 Best Skyrim Mods

Ultimate Skyrim

This great mod is actually the entire sum of sixteen other mods which make Skyrim a more committed and demanding experience. Ultimate Skyrim goals is to do this by calculating a greater efforts on roleplaying, with trimmings of temperature and starvation mechanics, and renovated battle system.

You don’t need to worry about installing numerous mods, however this jumbo mod also gives fine feature called Automation, which automates the formation and installation of mod packets.

Skyrim Script Extender

As the years have passed on, mods for Skyrim have turn out to be ever more aspiring and complex. In order for some mods to run properly, the scripting abilities of Skyrim have to be amplified to permit the game to manage more complex commands. It’s directed that you have Skyrim Script Extender installed when modding just whether it’s required by any mods that clasp your eye.

Unofficial Skyrim Patch

Similar to each person of Bethesda’s games Skyrim is little bit turns on the buggy side. Notwithstanding dense patching, the official development team never quite leveled everything out. The Unofficial Skyrim Patch is continuously updated mod that have a goal to fix hundreds of gameplay, mission, NPC, objective, thing, text, and location bugs. For simple performance this mod is vital.

Relighting Skyrim

Have you ever think about that where the light gleams from in Skyrim? All too often it’s from an unscientific source. Relighting Skyrim completely reprograms the game’s light springs, confirming light beams come out from fires and stars only, and not from beams of wood.

Static Mesh Improvement

A gigantic mod included many Workshop files, Static Mesh Improvement works utter in eliminating all those awful doubts from the objects of the world. Edges have their perspectives that functioned away so stones are finally even and bowl made curved. Textures now work smoothly and those unappealing layers when two textures meet are eliminated. The more polygons will affect presentation literally, but this should be at the top of your significances when it comes to making of Skyrim attractive.

FXAA Injector

The best choice for videogame photographer Dead End Excitements, FXAA Injector drives a variety of  methods into your Skyrim scheme to help create a much more shrill and lively image. Post-treating effects like bloom, Technicolor, sharpen, and tone map can be turned up or down on a slider system to change the graphic results to your own private preference.

2K Textures

2K Textures delivers graphics up to 4K in resolution, an enormous eight times the resolution of unexciting Skyrim, and four times that of the official HD cover. The mod smears new textures to nearly everything in Skyrim, from the bottoms to the skies, and the whole thing in-between. The effect is reasonably amazing, as is the system necessities of 4 GB RAM and 1 GB video memory. A lite version can be used on less influential systems, or even a mix of full and lite elements for a decent balance.


Skyrim is a very amazing PC game, but there are revealing signs that it wasn’t only developed to be played on a computer. The user interface is the main sign, exclusively built to be directed with a controller. SkyUI totally reconstructs the HUD and interface of Skyrim, making it much more approachable for keyboard and mouse users. Otherwise, you can try the iEquip Skyrim mod, which is developed to preserve you out of the menu for extended periods of times by providing you a great hotkey scheme.

Moonpath to Elsweyr

Travel to Elsweyr, a hot area occupied by a great variability of new persons. Hunt hyenas in the reward and stalk raptors in the jungle as you complete the six expeditions of this storyline illuminating miracles of the area. The jungle areas are mainly inspiring, and there’s a famous amount of care taken with creating the characters of Elsweyr, who are all voice acted for a little extra involvement. It’s worth grasping the HD Texture Pack too as it increases the mod’s graphics to 2K resolution quality.

Bear Musician

The most polite heroes always have an entertainer in haul to sing of their moral performances and marvelous conquests. Make your musician something the townspeople will never forget with this flute playing bear.


Skyrim is a stunning game, but it’s by no resources at the top of its game. Have a quick look at Dead End Adventures and you’ll get that, with a bit of alteration, the land of the Nerds seems nothing little of ‘next-gen’. It’s not problematic to accomplish also, even the most beginner PC gamer can improve their Skyrim experience.

A Quality World Map

One of the most well-known mods, Quality World Map enhances the graphics on Skyrim’s world map, adding profusely of facts like obviously definite roads and much more quality in the mountains and prairies of grass. It also comprises the Solstheim map for anybody with the Dragonborn DLC.

Pure Waters

Water belongings are disgracefully interesting to pull off, and while Skyrim’s streams look tormenting at a distance, up close they’re dark, stiff, jelly-like slime pools. Turn them into inspirational, cool, clean thoughts with Pure Waters. This mod dilutes down the arrival of water to adequately fluid levels, adds some delightful wave and flow effects, and gets those likenesses just right.

Pure Weather

Combining well with Pure Waters is Pure Weather, which disturbs rivers with better sea shore, but also carries some remarkable rain, snow, and fog effects into Skyrim’s blues. Mountains look particularly beautiful when masked in Pure Weather’s amazing fog clouds.

Wet and Cold

Skyrim is a frosty place. There are so many chances to become wet-through or iced by snow, yet the result is never seen. Enter Wet and Cold, a mod that adds plentiful weather effects to game. Snow gets wedged in hair and sticks to clothes, water drips from armor, smell steams on cold air, and NPCs run home during tornados.

Real Glaciers

The arctic regions of Skyrim are occupied with massive ice formations. Real Glaciers make them an unamicable magnetism, recoloring them from an icy window effect to a much more accurate ice finish, complete with crash lines and a shiny reflective look.

Skyrim Flora Overhaul

Since Skyrim is a complete package of forests, Skyrim Flora Overhaul has a pretty cinematic effect. It comprises lots of new, high-class tree models, even more swards and floras, and many of pictorial twists that generally make forests look deeper and more impressive. There’s a grass-only and trees-only version also, which apparently have less of a presentation influence. This is one of those changes that’s value forgoing some frames over, mind.

Other Skyrim Graphic mods:

  • Static Mesh Improvement Mod
  • Skyrim HD
  • Realvision ENB
  • Enhanced Lights and FX
  • Realistic Water
  • Better Roads


Mods are much more than graphical fixings as they can basically change the way the game works. These mods completely change the way you play Skyrim, from adding new mods of attacking, over different ways to cross the world, and changing the way the user interface runs.

Cutting Room Floor

Skyrim comes with a lot of goals we’re chatting hundreds of hours of things to do beforehand you even start messing with mods? But do you know there’s even more than that in ordinary Skyrim? The game is full of tasks that never ended the last step, unseen from view. This mod returns NPCs, missions, stuffs, and other various things that were deprived of a place in the final shape.

Potion of Ultimate Levelling

Skyrim is the type of game you’ll really enjoy while playing and putted hours into, but when you reel a new character, occasionally the last thing you want to do is spend days smoothing them up. For a rapid jump to the fun material with a new character, simply potion this Potion of Ultimate Levelling, gobble it down, and grow every skill by 85.

Hazard Gambling

Up-to-date RPGs always have a minigame or two to divert you but Skyrim is missing in any fun activities. This Gambling mod enhances the dice game Danger to Skyrim’s pubs. It’s an old English game, which was very common in the 17th and 18th centuries, emphasized on betting on dice which was trolled in a cup.

Interesting NPCs

Skyrim has many of people in its domain, but so many of them are just weak character models as ‘old man’ or ‘farmer’. Add some practicality to the world with Interesting NPCs. Now everybody you meet will have vast dialogue trees that let you learn about and act out conversation. Pronounced by a players of over 80 voice actors, this mod really carries the people of Skyrim to life.

Sneak Tools

Skyrim doesn’t do sneaking all that well. To make a sneakiness play through more convincing, use this mod to add a number of new sneaky tools to your collection. Now you can cut throats, knock people insensible, hide your character with a mask, quench lights, and use Thief-like distinct shots, plus the rope arrows.

Become a Bard

Soldiers and overseers are ten-a-penny on the roads of Skyrim. Increase true respect by accepting a devious profession: being a bard. You can sing your way from saloon to saloon and earn yourself an attractive money from ale-guzzling clients the world over. Your bard character will make you able to play any instrument in Skyrim, and a simple tap of the Z key will result them to explode into song. Your friends will even join in should concords be vital. A skill tree will aid you to improve your singings and carrier you Christmas No. 1.


The hobby of fishing lastly makes possible into Skyrim through this mod. Fishing adds bars, nets, and dwarf’s boom fishing to the game. Rods and nets can be arranged by watersides while pull must be attached to bait in your quarry. Dwarves fishing approaches show a little more military-inspired, with explosives thrown into the water to kill fish mass and offer a drag to sell for benefit.

Apocalypse Magic

It is another magic renovation mod that adds 140 new spells to Skyrim, Apocalypse Magic’s most distinguished point is tapping based on magic schools that are not Obliteration or Conjuration. The aim is to make Changings or Artifice magic a practicable spell caster path, without try your hand in Demolition to be real.

Better Combat AI

Though Better Combat AI can’t stop the solid nature of Skyrim’s blade swinging it does make the entire matter much more strategic. Foes will adopt better plans for combat, such as attempts to divert you, or using big attacks to disrupt your shield. The mod also regulates the intelligence of your enemies based on type of thieves that are much crueler than angry farmers.

Better Hunting

This one is a mini mod that basically changes the standards of animal skins, meat, and parts. The idea of Better Hunting is not about of taking down animals more, but enhance the prizes for selling your animals, thus making hunting a practical quest. Furs and meats usually claim high prices, and with this mod you’ll be able to business your other world-saving quests with the animals you take back to town.

Glowing Ore Lines

This mod simply results ore lines in rocks to glow luminously, making spotting mining chances much easier.

skyrim mods
skyrim mods


When we have a look for arming yourself for combat should be at the top of your primacy list. If you need the new weapons and the most chic armor electroplating around. Occasionally, Skyrim’s sellers just don’t have what you need, but appreciatively these mods gives us a great collection of new styles and weaponries to Skyrim’s world.

Throwing Weapons

There’s more to reach out for battle than spells and bows, which is why this mod gives a great collection of perfect throwing weapons to the Skyrim armory. Missiles, axes, knives, and even grenades can be armed and threw at enemies, and your skill with them better via a skill tree.

Staves of Skyrim

Staves of Skyrim is a workforce service mod that regulates the way man’s work in Skyrim, as well as addition of some attractively new boards to the game. Staves now come in heavyweight and light alternatives, as well as magic and self-protective. With a defensive stave you can stop arriving attacks in a similar way to an armor shield. This permits staffs to protect with a weapon that ensembles their class, instead of using a warrior’s shield.

Immersive Armors

While adding an impressive fifty plus new sets of armor to the game is what it’s all about, Immersive Amour’s second most goal is dodge troublesome the natural feeling of Skyrim. The armor is all traditional and textures suitably ‘Bethesda Official’, and is united in such a way that it feels like original elements of the world. Find them on outlaws, in chests, at sellers – these are not craft only pieces.


Skyrim is thickly occupied with areas to find out and explore. But if you’ve already spent a no. of hours with the game, odds are you’ve seen it all. It’s time to introduce new areas to the world with a great set of mods.

Hermit Tree House

It’s not made of cells, meaning you don’t need to load to come inside, so you can still appreciate those beautiful, peaceful views from the windows. And thanks to its height it’s a great vantage place for hunters, too.

Castle Volkihar

If you favor your strongholds then Castle Volkihar then it is about as outstanding as they come. A huge vampire castle filled with twisting corridors, towers, and cells, it also comes hustled with its own hunt line. Set after the events of Dawn guard, you’ll need to take Auriel’s Bow with yourself to conquest Harkon’s inhabiting military in order to free his brother and coven who have been locked away in the castle vault.

Val Lyrea

Val Lyrea is a huge dwarven fortress located in the field of Whiterun, made up of hollow galleries with golden shrines and great mocking clockwork machines. Occupied by wholesalers and new characters, you’ll also find a great set of charmed Dwemer armor in the galleries.


You’ve proven yourself the savior of Skyrim, you’ve mounted through the ranks of every union in the land, and you’ve found the lost swords of a thousand travelling fortune hunter. Your hunt log is empty and you’re without determination. These are the mods you need to keep you exploration for that extra mileage.

The Rabbit Hole Dungeon

Just north of Falkreath is the Rabbit Hole Dungeon. As the name proposes, it warrens down 50 levels deep. Each floor covers enemies, and overcoming them unlocks the door to the next cave. An arena-style battle challenge, this prison also haphazardly changes on every call to inspire multiple replays.

The Evil Mansion

A well-intentioned explorer shouldn’t find a spooky house any trouble at all. But as you tactic this one you’ll start to sign that this house feels a little aware. The Evil Mansion is a reformation of Resident Evil’s zombie-infested house and, as such, needs cleansing of its hidden undead residents. Expect the typical moments – including those feared dogs – all made over with a Skyrim-welcoming feel. And with the manor empty you can relax in and make it your family.


With it’s tired out colors and continuous threat of expiry by dragon fire, Skyrim is fairly an unattractive game. Take a break from the heaviness of saving the world by being a bit trivial. These mods will help insert a sense of humor into Tamriel’s iciest areas. in this mod these all are the features available:

  • Jedi of skyrim
  • Storm troopers
  • Iron Man
  • Bear Musician
  • Squeaky toys
  • Call of trainwiz
  • The Minecraft Mod
  • Pokemon in skyrim
  • Explosive Chickens


So this was a short list of best skyrim mods, in case you find any queries and questions, feel free to comment below. Regards! 🙂

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