Discord Top Secret Control Panel | Complete Guide

So we decided to initiate something new for you, Hope you gonna like it and will help you out. Today we will discuss the Discord Top Secret Control Panel, What it is? And how to use it? Well if you are a new user and you don’t have any idea about the Discord App and its Top Secret Control Panel! Then don’t be worry I’m here to solve it all for you and guide you completely, believe me, it’s amazing!

Every online game user who’s concerned in playing the games and love to connect with their friend while playing, so it’s time to use Discord because sometimes due to the game server issues, you get disconnect manually from chatting with your friends. But when you will be connected through the discord server, not only you can be able to communicate with your friends but you can also chat with your fans as well.

Introduction to Discord:

Well it’s nothing like any coding file which is suggested by its name. Discord is just a Chatting application which is designed for the Gamers. It is created for the ease of gamers. Actually this app is used by the gamer or game users while playing games. Through this app, they can lively chat via texts, voice commands, images or via videos. Sound’s cool! 😉

How Discord App Works!

 Okay, it’s not a much-complicated procedure to how Discord will work! You guys can easily Log In to Discord while playing any one or more than one game. By this, you can talk and communicate with your game partners while playing and can accomplish the mission because team working makes everything clear. Roger? 😉

This software incorporates a chat room, a message panel, and a voice chatting system integrated within a lightweight software. It is designed for strong community communication over the computer and mobile podiums. It earned fame after the common addiction of player unknown battlegrounds game, so called (PUBG).

What Discord is for?     

Discord permits you to make custom chat rooms of your choice or partners or players or join chat rooms of several generous communities why simply searching them by their names. The game users can generate or join a discord server to stay connected with their friends during gameplay and having each other’s back in a team competition.

Configuring discord is easy. All you have to do is download and install discord app from the official discord website, “discordapp.com” and create your account on discord to work further.

What is Discord Top Secret Control Panel Feature?

Beginners should also know that discord comes with a Discord top secret control panel feature in the PC version of it. It can be found by right-clicking on the discord icon present in the notification bar of Windows. But this feature seems to be disabled and henceforth cannot be clicked. So what can we do to access this top-secret control panel on discord?

How to Access Discord Top Secret Control Panel Feature?

So after all the basic info now you must be looking for that how to access your Discord app. So don’t be panic I’ll guide you completely about accessing Discord top secret panel. Now follow these basic steps to get access step by step:

  • Open the web browser and enter this link in the URL of the browser to follow.
  • Link: discordapp.com
Discord Top secret control panel
Discord Top secret control panel
  • Then you’ll be redirected to the page which will seems like this.
  • Click the Download for Windows option.
  • Now open the source file that you have downloaded from there.
  • And install that file of Discord in your Windows or PC.
  • Once you have installed the Discord app in your PC, visit the notification bar of the windows exact at the right bottom corner.
  • Click on the discord icon you see there.
Discord Top secret control panel
Discord Top secret control panel
  • As you can see the option above Top Secret Control Panel in grey shade.
  • Grey shade presents that it is disabled this time.

In case you don’t have a Discord app installed on your PC. It’s fine! Because you can get access via online procedure too, first you have to visit the official site of discord. Then Click the Open Discord in your browser, after that mention your username and Go on… it’s that easy.

Reasons for Disabled Top Secret Control Panel Feature

There are many reasons that are suggested through different aspects that why it’s not working yet! What’s the issue or anything else! After complete here I’ll tell you some reasons of it:

  • Maybe this option or feature is only available to developers in enable mode because of authority and to making any changes and modifications in development and maintenance purposes.
  • Secondly, maybe this option is only available in beta version for testing reasons, and later after some time it can be available to you also but most of the people who claimed that they have enabled the option they said that there’s nothing new in this option.
  • And maybe it’s the developers trick to make users more curious about something secret is placed behind it, and so that they wait to get something new.

How to Configure Discord on your PC?

By configuring this you can be able to communicate with your partner players while playing the game and can give commands so to accomplish the missions at your fingertips. It’s such an amazing thing, it gives a real look while playing games. You have also seen that many YouTubers record their game videos and also sounds communicating and giving commands while playing to other players. And many are commenting there to support them while playing. You can create chat rooms and can communicate with your friends and play the game.

So, if you’re ready to use the discord, then you have to first configure it and configuring the discord is the relaxed way and you’ll have to follow these steps that we are giving right now:

  1. Visit the official website of discord discordapp.com and download it.
  2. After the downloading install it in your windows or PC and then open it.
  3. Enter your details or create an account on it.
  4. After you are done with the account making procedure, it’s time to configure it now.
  5. Configure it with the steps following steps and providing details.
  6. Great! You’re done now.
  7. Now you can share your “Code” with your friends to invite them to your discord chat room or server and you can then communicate with them conveniently and safely.

After all this you may know that how easy it is to communicate with your friends using the discord app and additionally, you can even use a lot of other features that discord is providing. But you’ll have to explore everything first then step further.

Is the Discord top-secret control panel accessible?

As far as the research goes, there are only buzzes and mishaps from the users and other websites. Every theory differs from the next one and there is no official declaration from the developers of discord about the activation of the discord top-secret control panel feature. Also, no official announcement has been announced about the activation of this feature and what will lie behind this button. It’s just one user’s arguments against the other one.

There is not any significant truth or fact about this feature that in the theory of the Discord top-secret control panel. But if it has been delivered there it won’t just be for fun but will be probably under development process till stage because a place like discord can easily get its name harmed if it appeals a stunt that hurts the feelings of the gaming community.

In the future stage, discord might fetch in some new features with the top-secret control panel. These features might be paid but however the button appeared in the notification bar won’t be grey anymore. Anyhow, discord is a wonderful software for windows PC to join with players all around the world and will have great gaming experience obviously.

Samsung Integration FAQ

Discord has now partnered with Samsung to bring Samsung Galaxy users some really really really awesome features! Current Integration


Device Type – Galaxy 8 and above + 
Android Version – Android P and above +
Discord App Versions – Discord Android 9.4.5 and above +. All Samsung Galaxy users that meet the integration requirements (mentioned above) now have access to 2 brand new features within Discord:

Mobile Voice Overlay

Mobile Game Status / Game Detection

If you use the Samsung Game Launcher, you also get an attractive Discord Friends Activity Feed natively integrated directly within the Game Launcher app.

Last Words

So after all this discussion about discord and Discord top secret control panel feature. Wait for the next updates to get more amazing features of discord and rock it! I hope this topic and guide will be enough to suggest you knew updates. Because till yet the top-secret feature is not enabled for their users so you have to wait for experiencing this new upcoming feature and possibly you people will like it. So stay Tuned. 😉

In case you have any questions and queries feel free to contact us. We will surely respond to you with the best options and details. Till then share this with others and also share reviews with us.

Best Regards.

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