Top 12 Games like Corruption of Champions [Updated List 2020]

Corruption of Champions is the most exciting and daring video game, which users demand the most. The theme line of this game consists the action of a hero in a township to combat against some demons. You will see numerous new beings, peoples and many fascinating stuffs while your ride.

Many of you gamers may have come through this game and now you may be probing for some curious games like the Corruption of Champions. If you are among those who desires to take a pause from Corruption of Champions then this article is right for you and will guide you through finding many more. We have investigated and prepared a list to decrease your time in picking the best alternative of this game.

Games like Corruption of Champions
Corruption of Champions

The game starts as you generate your character with all its features. This in-depth formation of your character also touches your gameplay that is why you need to pay a little care to it as you start the game. Even though, most characters and bonuses can be achieved as you level up in the game, but, the early features and characters are static throughout the game.

 Perks are the different additions that you receive as you level up in the game. As you make your character at the start of the game you get the history perk and the starter perk. All the additional perks that you get in the game can be achieved as you elicit certain in-game trials. 

A “Bad ending” is one more feature of the game that is when you alter your character in such a way that it is dreadful for you to do any in-game mission with the character. In order to avoid such situations, players have “Easy mode” or “Debug mode” as they play the game. 

There are essentially 3 types of character-types that you can set up in the game:

  • Persistent Character
    Features that have an indirect impact on your in-game player. All their steps and periods are going to mark the main personality in a positive way. 
  • Camp Recruits
    These are the casual in-game characters that you can easily convert to your in-game sites. As your character cooperates with these practical characters in the game, there is a special menu that permits you to make different connections with these players that comprises item collection, sexual interactions, events that will affect your stat points, and special acts that only activate with certain characters. 
  • Encounter Characters
    These are the random character that you interrelate with as you play the game. These characters are random and often unprotected which is why there are fewer probabilities of multiple connections. 

List of Top 12 Games Like Corruption of Champions

  1. Carnal Souls
  2. Kingdom of Loathing
  3. Flexible Survival
  4.  Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventure
  5. Fall of Eden
  6. Trials in Tainted Space
  7. Free Cities
  8. My Very Own Lith
  9. Torn
  10. The Poor Whore
  11. Spider and Web
  12. Anchor Head

Carnal Souls

Carnal souls is included in the adult game category that comprises adventure that aids it rampant between the top 12 games like Corruption of Champions. This game is almost free and does not necessitate you to pay any cost before you can cross through this awesome game. Though playing the game carnal souls, you can modify yourself according to your choice. Even though some alteration result might be attractive while some are really not. But, you might get some rewards through a modifications like attainment of claws, big tits, and wings, etc.

Carnal Souls

The alteration principle is not that hard to get because the more you play, the more you have a chance of receiving the alteration spirit. This is the chief reason why the Carnal Souls game is included in the best quest game out there because not the single person will ever want to miss the chance of playing a game where you can alter and renovate your body.


  • This game comprises breathtaking and well-animated characters like Marley.
  • Throughout the gameplay, you will get a player home with modified chambers.
  • Loads of quests to play through while drifting around the open world.

Kingdom of Loathing

This one is another alternative, this game can be played in two styles: multiplayer mode or single mode. You can also play this game online on the browser and don’t need to download the game to play. This game permits you to make your own visuals and the characters for your gaming world.

Kingdom of Loathing

The player will have to fight and conquest the beasts in order to earn the prizes, experience points, gain skills, and collect products and meat and much more junk. It also lets the player to include in exchange or farming to upsurge the cost.

The game begins with you having to select the gender of your character and then select the character from six classes Seal clubber, Sauceror, Turtle tamer, Disco Bandit, Accordion Thief, and a Pastamancer. Since you also receive a multiplayer mode in the game, you are permissible to shape your own team with the other players by intermingling with them via a chat feature.


  • This one is a multiplayer game.
  • The game contain over 40 adventures that involve cooking, smiting items, and more.
  • The game has thousands of armaments and weapons to pick for your journey.

Flexible Survival

Flexible Survival is one more text based blaze game that you surely want to play if you are watching for games like ‘Corruption of Champions’. It is established and published by indie game creator Nuku Valente, a famous name in the underground adult games collection.

The guy is fairly devoted to the mission and has been releasing covers and updates for the program from time to time.

Flexible Survival

An outburst of a virus has reduced the residents of the planet hopeless. The erotic themes of the game rotate around this virus which has also transformed the diseased. It is somewhat sand boxy in flora permitting you to select the world and the features of its populations. The main purpose of the game is to make a character and then live in the world for a fixed duration of time till the armed comes to help you.

 If you like playing games like the Corruption of Champions, then we absolutely mention this one to you as the role playing breaks are plentiful and the sensual themes are inadequate.


  • It is a single-player exploit game.
  • There are loads of new giants and mortals to fight.
  • Feature to upgrade your weapons and can be gather from killed freaks.

Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventures

Cypher is another text venture game which furthermore offers you the sense of Corruption of Champions. You have the choice to set-up the music, graphical basics, and sound properties. The backgrounds look like the sceneries of Total Recall and Blade Runner. The player will be informed with the distinctive information in the form of sound effects, and item in the screen.


Fall of Eden

This one game is with the mystical beings in order to execute the beasts. You will be probing for the many exciting things where your game initiates from the adjacent house which was out of control.

In this Fall of Eden, you can get entree to hell where you may meet many of wizards. Now you will be the hero and have to save the lives of people from the beasts. The Queen of beats will attack you immensely and you have to free out yourself from it to kill the whole monster’s world.

fall of eden

Trials in Tainted Space

Trials in Tainted space is one of the most exciting games with two diverse forms of characters in the game. General characters and Persistent characters in which Persistent one may or may not disturb by you. In these Trials, in Tainted space, the gamer will get the option to play in altered places like Ships, Seasonal areas, space stations, dungeons, and planets and much more.

trials in tainted space

Free Cities

Free Cities will give you same experience as COC where the main play is on slave supervision. It is a suggestive text-based game where you will come through slaves and slavery basics.

free cities

My Very Own Lith

My Very Own Lith is another one giving the same results like games of corruption. Here you will see the cat boy/girl and progress a good connection. It is the most important fascinating game where you can cooperate and have fun in your game. The game name Lith actually derives from the word cat where lith means cat.

my very own lith


With multiple number of dynamic players, you have torn. In this game, you twitch your new life as you form up your life by the option and features that you sort. You can also start your Car Company or you can be a Gang head of your state. There are immeasurable likelihoods in this game. 


The Poor Whore

The Poor Whore is also one of the utmost favored fictional games which comprises the same features of Corruption of Champions. The complete game stage is in the primitive situation. The game does not run in the browser and it is a PC game so you need to install it before playing. This game also has RPG component with many sexual fictions.

The Poor Whore


So this were all about the list of best Games like corruption of champions, in case you find any questions or queries feel free to contact below. Regards! 🙂