How to Delete iFunny Account |Complete Guide

Most of the users were asking for the removal procedure of ifunny account but none of them get their answers clearly. So today we have decided to explore out the best and possible ways that How to Delete ifunny account?. First and the foremost thing is that do you have any idea about ifunny app or what is it used for! If you don’t know then first we will discuss about the ifunny app and it’s usage then next we will discuss about its account.

This app has expanded a lot of fame recently and became the most used app, approximately 2 million people every day open this app. This is accessible for android, apple, and Microsoft users as well. Now having said all these iFunny does not support the account removal option to let you delete iFunny account. 

What’s ifunny?

“iFunny is a assembly of funny GIFs, videos, and memes. Users are able to find friends in the comment sections and make their own meme collections. There are above 10 million users in the iFunny community.”

iFunny is an online entertaining portal for getting funny images and videos that make its users laugh. The website allows you to easily create an account, upload pictures and view funny GIF images, but it doesn’t support account deletion option to allow you to delete your iFunny account. The website permits its users to create and edit account, upload a picture, watch funny GIF images, share it with a friend via simple buttons, and you can also comment on those pictures.

You can download this app through playstore and appstore as well.

iFunny App

Process of Deleting iFunny Account

First of all you must be aware of that ifunny app features and also that it doesn’t give any option of deleting ifunny account directly. But in case you want to really remove your account then there are two possible ways to delete your account from iFunny, such as:

  • Delete your account via App.
  • Delete your account via sending Email to support services.

Delete Your Account via App

First I’ll describe you the way to delete your account via app. For this you need to follow the below mentioned steps:

  • On the top menu, click on your profile icon, then click Settings and privacy.
  • Next click Account, then click on Deactivate your account at the bottom.
  • First make sure to read out the account deactivation detail, then tap on Deactivate.
  • Mention your password when prompted and tap Deactivate.
  • Verify that you want to proceed by tapping Yes, deactivate.

That were all about the account deactivation procedure through app because you can’t delete your account permanently so you can deactivate your account to make it unavailable to users.

Delete Your Account via Sending Email

  • First open your email account that is registered at ifunny app.
  • Now write email and mention the email address
  • In Subject section you have to mention “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT”.
  • Now write an email related to deleting your account and tap on the send button.

After this possibly the support services of ifunny app will read out this mail and take action on deleting your account. And last option to delete your account is to Remove the App simply, this will not make you to interact anymore with anyone but your account remains there.

Though, we people are social beings and our wants to connect with other members of our type is rooted in our genes. Also, we struggle to make strong social connections with others and this is the basis of our supportive society. In the meantime, the huge popularity of social networking platforms highlights this quality within us. So, feel free to make your comment and role, if you feel any difficulty while Deleting iFunny Account let us know to manage or to help you.

iFunny App

How to Stop the Annoying Mails from ifunny?

Many users find it the annoying messages to be the cause for the deletion of the ifunny account. This can be fixed by clicking the messages as spam or unsubscribing the mails. The users of the Android and the iPhone can also turn off the notifications through their settings. This permits the user to use the ifunny account without any problem. Furthermore the user can try deleting the ifunny account to stop the junk mails.

Last Word

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