How To Fix Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed Error | Complete Guide

many of you researched about How To Fix Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed Error. Today when I was trying to scroll down my Instagram feeds but it seems like that it isn’t loading and getting Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed error. Then I decided to research how to fix this issue and finally, I made it. 😉

If any of you people also facing this issue than you are at a right place to fix it. In this article, I’ll describe to you all the possible ways you can do to fix this problem at your own. Well first, the most important thing is to clear you what’s Instagram and how it works and what’s the purpose of it. So next I’ll describe the info about Instagram and later we go to the solutions one by one. Read it all with full concentration and focus.

Introduction To Instagram App

Instagram is the topmost usable social media platform worldwide. It is an American photo and video sharing social network that is currently owned by Facebook. It was developed by the famous Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, and first time launched in October 2010. Well it’s all about it basic information that who made it and when. And I don’t think so that anyone can be unaware of this social media application.

Instagram is used mostly by photographers and who have fond of capturing photos of different objects. They create an account on Instagram and start sharing things on their profiles. Recently, Instagram has also introduced a facility of audio and video calling through this app.

How to Sign Up for Instagram?

Now I will describe to you a complete procedure to sign up for Instagram. You just need to follow my instructions one by one:

  • First of all open the web browser of your phone or laptop.
  • Visit the official site of the instagram or copy this URL and paste in your browser.
  • Now you’ll be referred to page like this.
instagram sign up
  • Here you have to enter your email or phone number first.
  • Then enter your Full Name and Username.
  • Now put the password in the last section.
  • And click to sign up, and verify account via checking your official mail.

 That all about signed up procedure, hope you got it because it’s not that much difficult.

Instagram works well most of the time but sometimes we get the “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” error message pop up on screen without any reason. When we open the app on iPhone commonly, but when we try to reload the feeds of instagram, the error message pop up: “Couldn’t Refresh Feed.” It is irritating. So here we have some tricks to fix this frustrating Instagram error.

Reasons behind Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed

Now we will discuss what can be reasons behind this error which pop-up on the screen when we refresh our feeds on Instagram. After a whole research process, we came to know that there can be two possible reasons of this. May be when you’re on Wi-Fi, there might be weak signals issue which results “Instagram Couldn’t refresh feeds”.

Well when you are using internet on your mobile data then there might be these two main reasons which results refreshing error on instagram.

  • Mobile network carrier issue
  • Network traffic load.

Mobile Network Carrier Issue:

There are many mobile networks and they differ to each other on many aspects as some may offer you low budget network bundles but actually they experience low network speed too. And some may offer you expensive network bundles but also gives you best network performance with high speed. So this can be the issue related to network carriers that may result couldn’t refresh feeds error.

So you can overcome this problem by choosing the best network carrier which will provide you better performance.

Check Network Traffic Load to fix Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed error:

Most of the times you use internet in the crowded area and you will experience that the internet speed drop to zero at own. This happens because of traffic load of the users and those networks cannot handle too many requests at the same time.

So to solve this problem, I suggest you to use Wi-Fi connection if available in that area or use the other network with low traffic load and better speed.

Best Solutions to Fix Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed Error

Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed Error
How To Fix Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed Error

I defined everything about instagram in the above section of article. Now I’ll describe you the best and easy ways to overcome refreshing error of the instagram. Don’t worry about that how can you do this because I’ll tell you all this in the simplest language so that you don’t find it difficult anymore. Because I suggest that everyone should be independent to do anything weather you are from this field or not, it doesn’t matter. Okay! Let’s start.

Now I’m sharing with you these easy tricks to put everything back to normal:

  • Update your Instagram app.
  • Check your Internet Connection.
  • Restart iPhone/iPad or any phone you’re using.
  • Uninstall the Instagram.
  • Avoid Double Hashtags.
  • Re-log into Instagram.
  • Delete Unwanted Signs in the comments.
  • Ultimate to Repair Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed on iPhone Issue.

Step 1: Update the Instagram app

Have you heard about the play store or app store that people are using to download applications on their phone? Yes, that play store from where you can download anything.

Go there or open the playstore by tapping on the icon of it. Next open the side bar of it and open the application sections that you have already downloaded on your phone. Or manually type the instagram in the search bar of the playstore and tap enter. Instagram app menu will be opened, here you can see the option of uninstall and update. Click on the update button to update your app.

In case if there is no update button then there must be button of Open, it means you’re app is already updated and you are using the latest version. Then, In this case, must try second way to fix this issue.

Step 2: Check Internet Connection

One more basic trick to do when undergoing any app issues is to check the internet connection. Make sure that you catch a medium to excellent signals to avoid disruptions in your connection. If you are on a mobile data, check if you have at least 2G, 3G or 4G to load the app. And if you’re using the app on the wifi than make sure your signals are strong and you are in the range of router otherwise you might experience these kind of connection errors.

Step 3: Restart Phone

Most of the times phones are responsible for creating this kind of error due to any software problem or cache issues. To solve phone-related problems you can simply turn off your phone and give a break to your phone for few minutes and then restart again.

Turning off the phone is very easy, just simply press your phone’s power key and hold for a few seconds. It will automatically turn off. Now turn on the phone in the same way by pressing the power key and launch the game and refresh the feed. This method has solved many user’s problems. So maybe your issue will be solved too. If not then try next trick.

Step 4: Reinstall Instagram

Through this one, you first have to delete or uninstall Instagram from your phone because there might be issue of the software or application while other applications are working well on the same internet connection. This shows that issue is in the application, not in connection or phone. Just do this simply from the home screen tap and hold the IG icon until it begins to shake.

Then find and tap the X button to delete the app. Next, visit the AppStore and type in Instagram Proceed to download and install again. Log in using the same details you had before and verify if the problem has been fixed. You can also uninstall the app by visiting directly app store and manually search the app and tap the uninstall button. It will all be finished then. Maybe this trick will work, if not then don’t worry we have other options too.

Step 5: Avoid Double Hashtags

A lot of IG users also informed that double hashtags used by other people in the comment box can also result ‘instagram can’t refresh feed error. Similar to the annoying signs, double has tags can also cause app processes to flop and might be a possible issue. To get freed from these double hashtags, log into your Instagram account through the browser, Safari or Chrome then find the exact comment section and delete it from there.

Step 6: Re-log into Instagram

A simply logging out and logging in back can also result a great help. This will only refresh your Instagram application and can get clear from all annoying issues. To better clear this problem, try logging out of Instagram from your iPhone and from the computer. Give it a few minutes rest and log back in. Your Instagram feed will be back to normal again. It really helped many users.

Step 7: Delete Unwanted Symbols in the comments

There are many reports where Instagram failed to load images all because of some useless signs added by other users in the comments section. These signs can cause misunderstanding with the app operation reason why couldn’t refresh feed Instagram. You need to log into a browser and open your IG account and delete the unwanted signs from comments.

Step 8: Ultimate to Repair Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed on iPhone Issue

When nothing seems to be right and fixing this problem than simply:

Report to Instagram the issue if nothing from the above-mentioned steps have fixed the “Instagram couldn’t refresh feed iPhone” issue. This could be a bug that can only be fixed by the developers of this app. You can do this by simply opening the AppStore and following these steps:

Direct towards Instagram details from the AppStore. Then go to Reviews section of the app. Next Tap New Document icon. Now Find and tap Report a Problem icon. This procedure will email the exact problem to the developers that you are experiencing and surely they will get in touch with you as soon as they received and will fix it immediately.

This were all about the Instagram refreshing feed error. I researched the best possible ways to overcome this issue and here I provided you best eight ways to solve this problem and I’m sure that it will help you out and you can run your Instagram without facing any issue. Incase these methods are not working out then just simply report and explain your problem in the feedback section of the app at play store. The developer will surely resolve your problem.

Final Words:

This article was completely based on Instagram and the related issues that people are facing. I described every best solution in this article and I hope it will provide you enough guidance to solve this issue at your own. So have a look and if you have any queries and questions, feel free to ask in comment section, we will surely response you with something reliable. Best Regards.

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