Best Night Vision Apps for Android [Updated 2020]

Are you looking for the Best Night Vision Apps for Android phones? If yes, then congrats because you are at the right place. Here we will gonna discuss out the best night vision apps specifically developed for the android smartphones. Many of you people will be thinking about that what will be the use of these night vision apps or night vision camera. Well, if you don’t know that then don’t worry because I will tell you all about the use and features of night vision camera.

These applications will assist you in capturing clear photo with great pixels and findings, also assist you to take a video shot in the night mode or in darkness. If you want to capture in night or darkness, you don’t need to think about anything just simply install any night vision camera application on your smartphone and start taking shots, photos and videos through your smartphone.

 Night Vision Apps
Night Vision Apps for Android

Actually there are tons of night vision apps which are available for android users. Many of them are not working well or not supported with most of phones. Keeping these in our mind we clarified those apps and enrolled top 10 best and useful night vision camera apps for android phones. By using this now it is very simple to take picture at night mode without using any extra focus lights with you.

If you want to capture best photo, record videos on your smartphone at night then simply you have to use night vision camera apps. These apps will permits you to take best picture in the darkness or where the light is low. These apps are particularly designed for those users who doesn’t have torch in their phone. You can easily capture a photos or record videos on your phone without having any torch or light.

Best Night Vision Apps for Android

  1. Night Vision Light
  2. Night Vision FlashLight
  3. ELRO Color Night Vision IP Cam
  4. Night Vision Camera Joke
  5. illumes
  6. Night Mode Camera
  7. Virtual Night Vision
  8. Night Vision Thermal Camera
  9. Night Vision Video Recorder

Night Vision Light

Night Vision Light is the most common night vision app developed by Vixen for android users and its version is also available for iOS users. It changes the screen of your smart phone into a red to observation at night. This app assists you to get best results in darkness without using any light or torch. It offers red light which can be managed to livelier or hazier according to your choice. It is free of cost and easy to use app which has choice to save all settings and variation for your next use.

NightVision Light

Night Vision FlashLight

Night Vision Flashlight is another best night vision app for android users. It permits you to easily modify brightness, color and add extra filters on a picture. It is simple to use app with good user menu so that anybody can easily use this app on their android phone. You can also use this app to change into a color view or use the flashlight app and watch through camera if you walk at night to not mishap about anything on the earth.

Night Vision Flashlight

ELRO Color Night Vision IP Cam

ELRO Color Night Vision IP Cam is the most popular night vision apps for android phones with free features to use. It is a fastest and most innovative night vision app which offers features for entertainment and joy, and take snaps. With this app, you can remotely check and regulate your IP camera by using your phone device. Beside with these it has also real compass feature so that you can use it as compass apps to see track at night.

IP Cam

Night Vision Camera Joke

Night vision camera joke is really a fun app which is only developed for entertainment reasons. It is a night vision game application activator joke which can be used to watch everything in darkness using phone camera. You can simply make a joke with this tricky apps for your friends at night or walk through the road. It offers original filters with more effects to change beforehand to make a joke with your friends, family or others. It is a free app for android and iOS users so it doesn’t attempt harm to anybody.

Night Vision Camera Joke


Illumes is another night camera app for android users which gives feature of capturing high quality snaps and videos in the darkness. You can also use this app in the selfie camera apps with more cartoon picture app feature to make cartoon snaps of your friends, family and others. There are mainly four alternative color options as blue, red, green, warm, or natural to capture a photo and videos in the dark mode. Using this app you can capture images and videos without using flashlight or torch of your smartphone.


Night Mode Camera

Night mode camera is the app for android users which permits you to capture real photos and videos at the lowest light. It comprises a great artificial intelligence feature which assists you to take snaps and videos in 1080p in green night vision filter. This app is based on high technology processes for image improvement which let you to see more evidently at night. Along with these it has many of photo processing filters so that you can manage night view and darkness while capturing a photo on your phone.

Night Mode Camera

Virtual Night Vision

It is the one more app augmented for all android as well as iOS users which offers features to capture clear photos and videos at the lowest light without any extra applications. It comprises different features such as intensification mode, color saturation changer, green amplification mode and others. You can simply use your 3D camera apps to take best photos or videos on your phone. It has built-in photo and video collection with 1-8X zoom feature so that you can easily zoom a picture for pure view.

Virtual Night Vision

Night Vision Thermal Camera

Night vision thermal camera is the one more well-known night vision apps for both android and iOS systems with night vision, thermo vision, and UV vision features. It assists you to get secrets of nights in darkness without using any flash light. It is easy to apply this free app which easily be turned on and off to open the camera view. This app aids you to watch objects at night which can’t see with your own eyes randomly. It is a flashlight torch in increased genuineness you can also activate chromatic filter for thermal vision.

night vision thermal camera

Night Vision Video Recorder

Night Vision Video Recorder is the type of a professional night vision app, by using this you can capture snaps and record HD video.

The main features of the app:

  • There is an option of front and back camera
  • Sensitivity adjustment (from low light to very dark conditions)
  • Camera zoom and flash features
  • Can be used on both phones and tablets with Android.
night vision video recorder


This were all about the best night vision apps which can run on android phones. We tried our best to present you with the best and authentic features of best applications. In case you find any questions or queries, feel free to comment below. Regards!