How To Fix Pokemon GO GPS Signal Not Found Error

Our recent article was about the Discord top secret control panel, I hope that might be enough for your guidance and knowledge. Today we will discuss our new content and will try our best to give a complete understandable content.

Today we decided to discuss the Pokemon Go and its GPS issue, most people complaint about How to fix Pokemon Go GPS Signal Not Found issue! So your time is over, here is the solution to fix this issue. You just need to have a relaxed look at this whole article because this would be enough.

We will start this from the beginning so that all the doubts would be clear for most people. First, we will discuss Pokemon Go! That what is it? And how to solve its issue! So let’s start. 😉

Introduction To Pokemon Go!

As it’s not a new thing or name, most of you people heard this name before as a Pokemon card or so-called Pokemon cartoons. So yes, these all things are interlinked with each other.

With these modern technologies and time, developers have also decided to take a new step to develop the online video game and named it as Pokemon Go. Online games became one of the most demanded time-consuming activities these days. You people might be heard about Pubg, Counter-Strike, StarCraft and much more. Pokemon Go is one of them.

Pokemon Go is one of the famous game among all age group people and people would love to play and spend their time playing it. It is an online game so it requires a strong internet connection to connect with the server to play smoothly.

Where Pokemon Go is Available?

Pokemon Go is available on iOS and as well on the Android devices and you guys can also download this from your phone Play stores easily. As I said it is an online game and it needs an internet connection to play. But hold on, I’m writing this article to provide you a solution to fix the Pokemon Go GPS Signal Not Found issue, that most people are encountering right now.

It is an online game so millions of the users of this game reported this issue of Pokemon GO GPS Signal Not Found pop-ups shortly after when the game was launched. By installing this amazing game on your iOS and Android devices what all you have to do is just think of catching Pokemons. Though, you might have got disturbed and disappointed when the game would play with ease due to the common GPS signal not found an error.

It’s such an addictive game that people love to play but it comes to break a rhythm when pop-ups appear on the screen that GPS signal Not Found and it discourages the users. So if you are looking for the solutions to fix this issue than congrats! You are at right place because here I’ll guide you through different ways to fix this issue conveniently. Sound’s Good? Let’s Go. 😉

How To Enable GPS Signal for Pokémon Go

If you are one of those who are currently facing GPS issue in pokemon go, then first make sure you have enabled the GPS option of your phone. Not understood? I said make sure you have enabled or On the Location option of your phone. If you don’t know how to enable it then follow the below steps to apprehend it completely:

  • First of all unlock your phone devices.
  • Then visit the Settings tab of your phone.
  • Now tap the privacy and safety option you look in the list.
  • Here you’ll find the Location tab, tap on it.
  • Next turn on the Locations of your phone simply.
Pokemon Go GPS Signal Not Found
Pokemon Go GPS Signal Not Found
  • Now ensure which location mode you have selected in your settings.
  • If you don’t know, look at the below-mentioned image.
Pokemon Go GPS
Pokemon Go GPS
  • Here you can see that there are three options in the location mode.
  • GPS, Wi-Fi, and mobile networks first, then you also have an option of wifi and mobile networks and thirdly separate GPS only too.
  • Make sure you have selected the first one because Pokemon Go also requires Wi-Fi signals to access services online and GPS also to locate you correctly through satellites.
  • And you can’t even turn off your mobile networks so select the first one.

So this was all about GPS enabling the procedure to work out. I hope so these steps will help you out through your issues.

How To Play Pokemon Go Without GPS

Most of people ask that can they play Pokemon Go without a GPS system? So my answer to this is yes, they can. Because as I have told you that Pokemon Go is an online game so it must need wifi signals to proceed further, but in case you have an old edition of the phone which doesn’t have any GPS facility but having wifi then you can play this game on it. But without GPS the speed will not be of that type as with GPS availability.

Well, yes you can play the game with wifi only but with GPS it will give you better streaming and graphical results would be also of high quality. 🙂

Pokemon GO GPS Signal Not Found is one of the main Pokemon related issue but you can easily fix this issue with the help of the below-mentioned way outs.

100% Working Method To Fix Pokémon Go GPS Signal not Found (Steps)

After turning on all the settings that I have told you above and some modifications, most of the iphone users still encounter this issue. So you don’t need to worry okay! I’ll help you out of this, just stay humble and follow my instructions one by one:

  • Due to weak connectivity, maybe you might not be located correctly when you are inside. Just simply step outside and try again. It’s the best way to locating your GPS correctly and it also worked for many users.
  • Turn your Wi-Fi on and off several times, maybe it makes a possibility to connect you correctly with the game server.
  • The next way is to put your phone on airplane mode because through this your all connectivity points will be broken and then turn off the airplane mode to connect your phone to GPS and Wi-Fi newly.
  • If you are an iPhone user, Reset network settings are also an option that you can also try to solve the problem.
  • And if you are Androids user. You can go to the “About Phone” option and then tap on the build number 7 times. By this, the developer option will be enabled and then from there go to locations and disable the mock locations.
  • Another option is you can also turn on the Google maps and try again your game, many users have tried this and this technique also worked.
  • Or simply turn off your phone and again turn on.
  • Lastly, you can Reset your phone and download the game again and play.

If these points didn’t work then it concludes that you’re using the old version phone, and I’ll suggest you try the game on latest phone. Or follow these below-mentioned methods:

How to Turn On Location on Iphone?

Turning on the location on the iphone is not a difficult method, just go to you iOS settings of the phone. Then visit the Privacy option first. Next, you will see the Location services button at the top of the list. Yes, just tap on it to turn on make it Green. After applying all these settings just go back to the Pokemon Go app and try it again.

Relaunch the App

If you launched the game and it’s not working then it may be due to systemic issue. Just simply swipe up all the apps in the background and again tap on the game icon and Relaunch it again to play smoothly.

Reset Network Setting

Another option to work out is that just open the iOS settings of your phone. Tap on the general settings and scroll to the bottom. Here you will see the RESET button. Tap on it, and further click on reset the network settings option. After this procedure again put your network details newly and launch the game again. I hope this will work.

Use Third-Party Applications to fix Pokémon Go GPS Signal not Found Error

If none of the above tricks worked in your favor to solve the GPS signal issue, then you can try this last way to solve it:

  • Firstly you have to enable the option of unknown resources on your phones. This can be done through Settings > Security > Applications.
  •  Once you enabled the option of unknown resources, you can easily download and install apk from the third party sites without any restrictions from the system of your phone.
  • Next, then you have to download GPS Essentials, as the advantage is that this app will improve your GPS and will show you the power of your GPS signal.
  •  In the last step, tap on the compass to take a compass test that would confirm the state of your phone.

This procedure is fit for Android devices and will surely fix the GPS signal not working issue.

Cons of Pokemon Go Game

Pokemon GO is one of the most prevalent Smartphone games, but there are some issues:

  • This game comprising rapid battery drainage,
  • random crashing errors,
  • server breakdown which results in the users to become frustrated.
  • The game needs a strong online connection and GPS for complete enjoyment,

So these all are the complete methods with a full guide that can be try to enable your GPS services to identify your location while playing one of the most fascinating game Pokémon Go. May be these methods may not work for you, in that case, the problem will from the side of Niantic servers so you have to wait for Niantic servers to launch the latest updated version of this game. And don’t forget to update your game from the play store because it might be a problem is occurring due to the old version of the game. Well, if once you are done clearing the GPS Signal Not Found problem, then you are all ready to begin Pokémon Go.

Final Words:

This was all about the Pokemon Go and its Pokémon Go GPS Signal not Found error. I hope it’ll be useful for you. In case you encounter any problem, you can contact us. As nobody is perfect and your reviews are everything to build us better. So don’t forget to share your reviews. Now go and have some amazing experience with Pokemon Go. Good Luck! ;