Best Project Free TV Alternative Websites of 2020

Today we are going to discuss about the Project Free TV Alternatives, as Project Free TV is a widely held site used for free video streaming. Though, it is no longer in use since 2017. Mostly, there is no official reply from the Project Free TV and about its services. There is no expectation to get its replica or mirror sites on the internet to watch videos.

So, the only option for most users is of course those Project Free TV Alternatives. Lower you will get a list of the top 10 alternatives of Project Free TV which you can use to watch unlimited videos for entertainment.

Top 10 Alternatives of Project Free TV

  • Dailymotion
  • Movies Flixster
  • C Movies
  • Sony Crackle
  • HDO
  • 123HULU
  • Popcornflix
  • GoStream
  • B Movies
  • ShowBox

1: Dailymotion

It is very uncommon that you won’t be able to find a movie or TV series on Dailymotion. You can get from Asian Dramas to American sitcoms, Dailymotion always give the updated contents as well.

The user interface is very easy and clean, and most importantly that this website is totally free. You get video qualities from 144p to HD. There is no pop-ups of ads while the playback. The only disadvantage of this website is that some of its content can’t be seen over full screen.



2: Movies Flixster

In any case that you haven’t tried Movies Flixster yet, then at that point you have missed out a great deal of fun. Be that as it may, don’t stress as you can make it up to it by using the site now. This site has the most straightforward and simple routes. You can discover what is featuring alongside the search bar on the home page. This site additionally shows the reviews of each substance which helps in improving knowledge and dynamic.

It also shows the list of ‘coming soon’ so you can make your movie plans therefore. This website is also absolutely free, with almost no ads at all. Sounds unbelievable? Then try it yourself, and you won’t be dissatisfied.


Movies Flixster

3: C Movies

This website can make you laugh through friends or cry over the fault in Our Stars. Movies and biographies are also available on this website. You may encounter ads pop-ups trouble but not after the movie starts playing. The thing with this website is that it sends you to different links for ads which can occasionally be irritating. But on the bright side, it is free and has got some really amazing and crispy content with easy routings.



4: Sony Crackle

If you want to watch the high quality versions of Hollywood movies then you should visit this site. It has a huge variety of the top and popular Hollywood full-length movies with no edited and cut scene. You can find movies of many categories like horror, action, sci-fi, crime, comedy, and many more on this site without any pop-ups. This Project Free TV alternative offers the single-click-play function to all movies and is multipurpose as well.


Sony Crackle

5: HDO

You can get to know by its name that you can watch all type of movies and TV shows online in HD quality on this Project Free TV alternative website. You can use it to watch TV shows and movies in numerous categories like horror, comedy, romance, action, sci-fi, mystery, and many others. You can enjoy watching all types of movies easily without any registration. The user interface of this site is simple and spontaneous. You can easily get all the latest movies and episodes on this site.



6: 123HULU

123Hulu is the most used site for movies and series streaming. This website covers all from animation to horror categories. 123Hulu is the free website that does not ask for any form of registrations. The number of ads on this website is also very less. Movies like Honeyland, Little monsters, Titanic etcetera are all available to watch for free on this website.



7: PopcornFlix

Popcornflix is a one-stop solution for all types of requirements and loads for movies and TV shows. You can switch to this website and enjoy a huge content of entertainment. It provides videos with HD quality. You can visit this website from anywhere in the world at any time. It is a universally accepted website for movie streaming and downloading.



8: Gostream

GoStream is one more perfect alternative for project free TV. It is possessed and functioned from Vietnam and has around 100 million users worldwide.

The reason why so many people use this website is because of the easy interface, amazing content, free uses, and a least number of ads. Though, you do have to sign up for free in order to use this website.



9: B Movies

BMovies is just an amazing site like Project Free TV which you can use to watch movies online without paying any cost. It offers all its movies in high-quality video resolution. The site is well positioned with new and trending movies. Separately from streaming, you can also use this platform to download movies. There is no compulsory one for registration to access this site.



10: Showbox

ShowBox provides all the blockbuster movies well-organized at one place. If you want to save your time from scrolling and average movies then you should visit for ShowBox for all the top and knockout movies. It is an amazing site which resembles to Project Free TV which can be used on your PC, smartphone, and tablet. You can install its mobile application as well for quick access to all the top-rated movies. It is a ideal site with its easy interface.



Last Words

So, this is the best list of the alternatives Project Free TV Alternatives which allow users to watch movies and TV shows online for free. Like Project Free TV, all these sites cover plagiarized data. So, if you don’t want to visit for copied media then you can use any paid services of the watching site. Though, there is no risk of using these sites as well. If you have any queries, ask us through below comments section.

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