2 Best Roku Web Browsers

Do you know what Roku is? If not, it’s not a big issue because I am gonna tell you all about this and 2 best Roku web browser. Well, Roku is a corporation that makes every day of media-streaming devices that run through Roku software although the latest version is Roku OS 9.2. Roku running media players have always dedicated to providing the simplest way to access running video and audio content on a TV.

Have you any idea that you can browse the Internet on Roku? Conflicting with the current belief, you can surely install the Internet browser on your Roku device. The drawback of this is that the number of Roku web browser features are very narrow and lacks some functions.


Still, if you want to acquire about the best Roku web browser options, besides a complete fixing solution that delivers an improved browsing practice, so just continue reading this article.

Does really Roku Have an Internet Browser?

If you want to use your device as a web browser, Roku sticks and setup boxes are absolutely not the good options.

In spite of being around for several years there are only two web browsers in the Roku Channel Store. None of them are established by Roku itself.

Best Roku Web Browsers:

Today, we will discuss the two best Roku web browsers. You can get theses web browsers from the Roku channel store. So, I’ll describe one by one now:

1. Web Browser X

Well, the best Roku web browser is Web Browser X. But it is not that much best one because you’ll get disappointment with its interface display. Seriously, if you’re expecting a glassy and up-to-date interface, you’re surely going to be dissatisfied. Web Browser X gives a look of 1990s like display, the font styles, and the interface is outrageously old fashioned.

Reviews suggest, it really works although it will make you suffer to fix and set-up highly compound pages. There are also some already saved favorites such as Google News, CNN, and ABC News, but you can easily visit any website by imposing the URL. You can also add your personal often visited sites to your list of favorites.

To visit the web page, you can use the left and right arrow buttons on your remote to follow through the links on the page, and use the up and down arrows to navigate through the command. On the shortcoming, the browser cannot stream videos, and that will not fill in web forms, username spaces, and password fields.

Throughout the research for this bit, I downloaded the app from the Mexican version of the Channel Store. It suggest me the price was $0.00, but then issued a monthly invoice of $4.99. The US version of the outlet undeniably enlist the cost at $4.99/month, so there is an inconsistency between the different national stores which offer different prices. Make sure to not get trapped.

x browser
x browser

2. POPRISM Web Browser

Another best Roku web browser in the official Channel Store is POPRISM Web Browser. Honestly, it’s much poorer than Web Browser X. it is for the reason that it can only read the text there are no images, no GUIs, no CSS, no JavaScript, and so on. Any site you will be going to visit, you’ll just see a bulk of the unformatted text.

Unnecessary to say, thus the browser is extremely of no use for the huge mainstream of sites. It’s fair about tolerable for text forums, RSS feeds, and other content that’s extremely heavy. But Basic Google search outcomes are also comprehensible.

On the progressive side, the POPRISM Roku browser didn’t try and dodge me out of $4.99. You’ve got to look for the positive adverts so far.


Use Screen Mirroring to Browse the Internet on Roku

As they had now proven, that it is possible to install a Roku web browser, but the keys accessible are far from model. As a result, the best method is to use screen mirroring and link a browser from your phone or computer directly with your Roku device.

How to Cast a Web Browser to Roku from Windows

In addition the Roku internet browsers offered in the channel store, the only other choice is to link a browser from your phone or computer to your Roku by screen mirroring.

To connect a Windows web browser to Roku, follow the mentioned steps below:

  1. Make sure your Roku is streaming at least version 7.7 of the operating system by direction to Settings > System > About. If it’s not, route to Settings > System > System Update > Check Now and let the process accomplished.
  2. Through Windows, enter the Action Center by clicking on the exact link in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  3. Tap on the Connect button. If you cannot see it quickly, you may require to click on Expand.
  4. Permit Windows to scan for your Roku. This process will take up to 30 second only.
  5. Tap on the Roku’s name in the list of devices. The connectivity will then started automatically.
  6. Visit your preferred web browser and start browsing.

To inactivate casting, select Stop Video on your TV screen or tap Disconnect Button on Windows.

How to Cast a Web Browser to Roku from Android

If you want to browse the internet on Roku from your Android phone or tablet, follow the given instructions below:

  1. Click to open your Android’s Settings app.
  2. Visit to Connected Devices > Pair New Devices.
  3. Now Wait for Android to find out your Roku running stick or setup box.
  4. Click on the name of your Roku and wait for the connection to set.
  5. Now open your web browser you dearth to use on your Roku.

Disadvantages of Screen Mirroring:

Well, along the advantages, there are also some disadvantages of screen mirroring of Roku devices. Let me tell you now!

First drawback is that Roku’s Screen Mirroring function is built on Miracast technology. It ensure that only Windows and Android devices can use the original screen. Neither iOS nor macOS upkeep Miracast, in case iOS you will need to use third-party apps to attain the same results. The best third-party application for running iPhone or Mac screens to Roku is concluded the AirBeamTV.

Second related issue is that Miracast is not a mainly trustworthy decorum. It have a tendency to delay the connection speed, connection errors, ineffective pairing and many related issues.

Lastly, the Screen Mirroring specification means that you must have to:

  • You may let the screen run on the connected device this may leads to battery drainage quickly.
  • Make sure to use a conveying device to manage the web browser.

By using the running device to control the browser may not effect anything if you are watching a video. But in case of a working browser, it’s tough to check the profits of simply using the main device, particularly when you gaze at the device’s screen to know what you’re doing. Even though there are some restrictions, but if you really want a completely functional web browser on your Roku device, Screen Mirroring is the finest choice.

While there is backing for web browsers, Roku may not be picture-perfect, but that does not really mean that Roku devices are not a perfect device to purchase for the home. En route for learning more about how to use Roku, keep searching.

So this article was detailed you with the Roku websites and its browsers. Hope it will be useful to you.

Last Words:

Wish you find yourself the right choice here. But in case you find any questions or queries feel free to ask us, we will surely notify you with the best answer. Keep sharing, Thanks!

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