Top 14 TeamViewer Alternatives [Updated List 2020]

Today we are going to discuss the best running teamviewer alternatives, most of the people were searching for the apps giving relative even best results like the teamviewer. So we decided to bring the updated list of alternatives to you so that you don’t need to make any effort to get something worth working. First we will discuss about the Teamviewer.

What is Teamviewer?

TeamViewer is one of the top rated using software for communication and remote connections. This technological reward is used for remote management for external service providers and for handling and working as a group or a team through different era together for online meetings and much more.

Teamviewer is the most downloaded software in the market, TeamViewer, also consists some of the limitations: absolutely if we look at its image quality and security system many users are not pleased with these things which concludes in falling of its ratio or so called the percentage and are so on the post for alternatives to TeamViewer. We have tried many software which was similar to teamviewer and now we have categorized to introduce you with the best TeamViewer alternatives.

TeamViewer Alternatives

Top 14 TeamViewer Alternatives:

  1. Mikogo
  2. ThinVNC
  3. AnyDesk
  4. UltraVNC
  5. Chrome Remote Desktop
  6. WebEx Meetings
  7. LogMeIn Pro
  9. Splashtop
  10. VNC Connect
  11. Teamviewer alternatives an overview
  12. Ammyy Admin
  13. DW Service
  14. Dameware Remote

Now we will have a detailed look on them one by one, I’ll try to mention you every beneficial features according to these apps and will also advise you the best. So let’s get started!


Charge: Free/Paid (48$ per license)

Fine, if you’re searching out for something convenient and premiere to use as an alternative to teamviewer then Mikogo will be the decent choice. It provides 14 days free trial and after trial you need to buy this package for the professional use. It is best for online conferences but this one is paid also. You don’t need to download or install it before using whether you can simply use this program through html in the browser by Windows, macOS and Linux.  

You can also successfully access this product through your phone, iPad and any gadget. It permits 25 connection at once by which an entire team can end up their conference easily and professionally. Roles of the users can easily be altered and as long as access has been allowable you can distantly control other computer systems.

Over this the data transfer feature allows you to transfer data between the participant and users and whoever is in the meeting. Moreover it also gives much more, as chat feature, the feature to record sessions or meetings, and a shared whiteboard option.

14 days free trial.Only 25 connections at time
Open Access for phone, iPad, iphone etc.Paid Professional Version
Html-based browsing.$48 a month/single user
No downloading. 
No installation. 
Special Features: Chat, Recording, Whiteboard option. 


Charge: Free

ThinVNC is an additional teamviewer alternative, it is type of screen sharing software. It consents an open connection to remote desktop feature, screen sharing and file transporting. It gives both ways to use the software, through installation of software as well as via html-based browsing.

It provides fast and relaxed way to communicate with remote system. It also practices AJAX and JSON and thus be able to manage without extra software or browser plugins. Moving procedure is very simple and you can use via other system or PC, phones, iPad, tablets whatever.

This is suitable one to access your PC from anywhere in the world you only require the settings of your router and DNS detail to access with your PC. Though, the product is no longer regularly updated so it has basically been dropped.

Connection Requirements:

  • Router Settings
  • DNS Info
Totally FreeFor private use
Open Access for phone, iPad, iphone etc.Limited connections
Html-based browsing. 
Feature: Screen Sharing, Remote Desktop, File Transferring. 


Charge: Free

Well, well, well… if you go through my suggestion then I will surely suggest you this one, it is the best alternative of teamviewer, AnyDesk. This platform offers you fastest and high-pitched quality functions. Yes, it is superior to teamviewer and completely free of cost for private users whereas companies and professional users have to pay for it.

AnyDesk can be downloaded from its official website and then you can install it in your PC and after this, launch the app. The mainly developed feature is called DeskRT and the benefit of this DeskRT is to reduce the data volume usage through communication. It decreases the data usage to quarter of the data that is used in Teamviewer.

 Pros Cons
Totally Free for private usersPaid for Professionals.
Open Access for phone, iPad, iphone etc. 
Low data usage 
Feature: Screen Sharing, Remote Desktop, File Transferring, texting, voice communication. 


Charge: Free

UltraVNC is another option to teamviewer, it is amazing alternative of TeamViewer for Windows users. It was made and spread underneath the free GPLv2 license. This alternative also gives the connection amid user and server.

It works on the Virtual Network Computing (VNC) code created on the RFB (Remote Frame buffer) protocol. Remote connections that are established using these two parts authorize, among other things, files can be transmitted in an easy way, in addition to text-based messages and variousverification methods (eight-digit password, MS login I and II) to be transferred.

This alternative is also appropriate for workshops and presentations use.

 Pros Cons
Totally FreeOnly for windows users.
Open Access for phone, iPad, iphone etc.Outdated and unclear interface
Open source 
Extensive options. 


Charge: Free/Paid (60$ Annually)

Next we concluded on the basis of flexibility in category of payment, after searching we have concluded that you must reflect Splashtop, because this one is best if we talk about complete package. It gives free as well as paid solutions to their clients. The tools of splashtop are supported by macOS, Linux, and Windows, along with Android and iOS servers. Through this it can be used on every device.

Users who are concerned about security system will be happy to know that Splashtop offers numerous levels of data encryption shield. Data usage is also very minimal at this App, which is making it a best option for people who do a lot of video or audio calling. The ease with which it can be used to connect distantly by your smartphone is one of this device’s resources.

Pros Cons
It charge annually.Only for windows users.
Open Access for phone, iPad, iphone etc.Outdated and unclear interface
Open source 
Extensive options. 

Chrome Remote Desktop

Charge: Free

This alternative is little bit changed related to teamviewer. As its name is representing “chrome”, which is also the web browser itself. This remote desktop app is a type of extension which you can add to your chrome browser to use more. This Chrome extension is very simple and easy to use.

You just need to open Google Chrome on the computers or any device to which you want to remotely connect, and you’ll straight be able to start watching and controlling devices of your network remotely. It work completely fine and in the case of mobile phones or tablets, you can also download apps for iOS and android that will run same to this desktop browser extension.

Unluckily, it lack some features which are easily available on other apps, this extension doesn’t gives any of the tool that you get with TeamViewer and AnyDesk, for example no chatting, no video calls, and no screen sharing option.

It is freeOnly for chrome users.
Open Access for phone, iPad, iphone etc.Extension format
 No Chatting
 No Screen Sharing
 No Video Calls
Chrome remote desktop


Charge: Paid (19$/month) is one more teamviewer alternative which is as modest as it seems like when it arises to planning meetings. Core cause of its marketing is due to its one-click meeting timetable processing, it also gives a recording option.

Individuals from almost every place on earth can be contacted to one another at the precise similar time, and there’s no boundary on the number of voice calls. Price of is decent, as well: the trial is free for basic voice over IP, then spreads up to a 19$/month fee for professional use. The professional package begins from premium meetings and advanced management.

Though if we talk about its working performance then it runs on windows and macOS both.

One click Schedule processingPaid up to 19$/month
Unlimited Voice callsOnly available on Windows and macOS
Free trial 
Recording facility

Webex Meetings

Charge: free/paid

This one is the viable alternative of teamviewer, whereas this app makes an amazing key for vast, distributed teams searching for supreme openness. This app delivers you best package which licenses you to start web sessions with as many as 100 guests.

It also provide screen sharing and modified user profiles. Premium package also offers password safety and remote access, as well as amalgamation with Microsoft Outlook. Webex Meeting is Allowed, but on the other hand, only permits you to session with two other persons, so to get complete features, you need to pay the full amount if you want to experience the best use out of the tool in a professional background.

Quick and better qualityPaid up to 19$/month
100 Connections at a time.Only available on Windows and macOS
Free trialFree version allows only three conference participants.
Recording facilityNo application for desktop
Powerful cloud coverage 
webex meetings

LogMeIn Pro

Charge: Paid

The simple concept of LogMeIn Pro is to progress the sharing of assets and spot them obtainable from anywhere without dodging the security system. It also provides up to 1TB of Cloud space to save all related files, applications, and projects in one main flash. It offers many applications for Windows, MacOS, the mobile phones; iOS and Android, on the other sideit also gives cross-platform browser application that allows you to make remote connections in local networks and over the internet also.

LogMeIn Pro meetings are tenable via SSL/TLS. Reliant on the bundle (annual licenses) you can make a connection with up to ten computers. Whereas unlimited number of users are permitted to use the files stored in the LogMeIn Cloud. However, this alternative to TeamViewer does not gives a feature for team meetings.

Quick and better qualityPaid
SSL/TLS securityNo free trial
Available on all Platforms.Not for team conferences
Recording facilityNo application for desktop
1TB Powerful cloud coverage

VNC Connect

Charge: Free/Paid

Amongst the other apps, the award winning company VNC Connect is one of the best TeamViewer alternatives for individual as well as marketable use. This professional software gives you with multiple features that you require to remotely control other devices. In case of offering a great safety and security, sessions are not only encrypted, but are also password encoded.

Over its free basic edition, it offers the limited five remote systems to be connections at a time and cannot be used professionally, it gives paid annual subscriptions as PROFESSIONAL and ENTERPRISE, which allows remote control of a multiple amount of target systems.

The enterprise package also encodes sessions with 256 bit AES HOME and PROFESSIONAL 128 bit AES, and also let’s direct connections to be recognized that do not require any internet connectivity. While VNC Connect editions doesn’t offer functions for Web meetings.

Quick and better qualityPaid
Password protectionLimited free version connections
Internet free connection.No wen conferences
256 bit AES encryption for Home sessions & 128 bit AES for professional. 
1TB Powerful cloud coverage 
VNC connect

DW Service

Charge: free

Not like the other alternatives that we’ve uncovered in our above article, DWService can be join to any computer at any time. Not only especially with those which are running on local network as yours and is compatible with most firewalls and web proxies. But it doesn’t comprises as many of the features as available in others. So this one offers you a limited features but the best features for sure.

DW service

So this were all about the best alternatives for you. We tried our best to label each and every important feature in this article for you. Hope it turn out to be useful for you.


Free versionRemote accessChat featureConference feature Special features
Ammyy AdminyesyesyesnoSecure file transfer
AnyDeskyesyesnonoFast transfer rate
Chrome Remote DesktopyesyesnonoBrowser extension
Join.meyesnoyesyesSimple and versatile administration possibilities
LogMeIn Pronoyesyesno1 TB Cloud storage included
MikogonoyesyesyesHigh server security standard
SplashtopyesyesyesnoExcellent audio and video quality
ThinVNCyesyesnonoRuns on any HTML5- compatible browser
UltraVNCyesyesyesnoOpen source
VNC ConnectyesyesyesnoAdditional password protection for sessions possible
WebEx MeetingsyesyesyesyesFail-safe Cloud infrastructure


These are the latest alternatives of teamviewer which you can use instead of teamviewer. In case you fine any queries, questions and any difficulties, feel free to contact us. Regards! 🙂