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I’m sure that everyone is searching for the latest security expertise for their homes and important places. Wyze cam app is one of the best surveillance gear with a damn good camera and a convenient app which confirms our privacy and safety. In this post, we will disclose all the information about the Wyze cam for pc.

Wyze Cam

Wyze Cam is a brilliant tailing camera that is giving amazing results with its excellence security features. This little camera has done a great job in the sector of surveillance. It comes with a free Wyze cam app apk for pc. The Wyze cam is very wanted out though there are lots of cameras available in the market. Wyze Cam can assist you to look after your home vigorously. It’s very easy to install the Wyze Cam and use the Wyze app.

To get the security camera footage at your Android device, you have to install the app into your phone. But you might have a question in your mind that how to get access Wyze cam on computer. It is also very humble. The Wyze cam app for PC is helpful in checking the surveillance camera film on your computers. We will discuss everything about this app in the next section.

Download Wyze Cam for PC

You can download Wyze cam for pc using below mentioned link:

Download Link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/wyze-app-for-pc-mac-downl/pkmnbfeiligbfgpliphkmdpcbonlfnfn?hl=en-US#:~:text=Wyze%20App%20for%20PC%20and,video%20footage%20with%20detailed%20quality.

Installing home security cameras are included in the first choice of household things these days. So that we can be able to look into our homes while we are actually away comforted us of our safety and privacy. It is no miracle that so many families today are seeing installing security cameras for their own home and may be you too are thinking the same thing as well.

Wyze Cam Features

Two-Way Audio

In any case there is any pet at home or you are having some friends over to the home? You can talk directly through the Wyze Cam. It gives a feature of a built-in speaker as well as a microphone so there you don’t need to make a video call all the time.

Motion Detection

You can receive red alert and notifications from the Wyze Cam whenever something suspicious activity is detected in your home. Any moment the camera detects motion in else than empty home, you will be informed. It’s like having a pair of eyes at home when you are away. You can also see Event Videos for more detail on such cases.

Smart Sound Recognition

The Wyze Cam can also notice sound patterns of smoke alarms and CO monitors. When this occurs, the Wyze Cam can also send you alerts to your phone so that you can act quicker.

Sharp Night Vision

Not all cameras work well at night, but the Wyze Cam is giving the sharp and clear image even in the dark shadows. It has an F2.0 aperture, an IR-CUT filter, and four 850nn infrared LEDs that permit crystal clear visual up to 30 feet away in total nightfall.

High-Resolution Imaging

The Wyze Cam is launched with a 1080p Full HD image resolution. It has a 2.88mm focal length, 110 degrees wide angle with a 1/2.9” CMOS sensor. In short, it’s complete clear you can see everything and anything in full detail.

Crystal Clear Live Stream with Zoom

Pictures are also super clear on the live captures. And with its 8x zoom feature, you can capture even the best details so you’re sure that nothing is missed. This is compulsory especially if you are using this camera for home security.

Wyze cam for PC Download Procedure

There are three possible ways to download Wyze Cam app on PC, and I’m giving the 100% working ways through which you can use Wyze Cam on your PC. So simply look below to get to know:

  1. Via Google Chrome Extension
  2. Via Bluestacks
  3. Wyze cam app via RTSP Protocol

1: Via Google Chrome Extension

For downloading through this way, I have already mentioned the link above in opening section of this article.

  • You simply need to open this link, Wyze Cam Google Extension
  • Next you need to install that extension on your Google chrome.
  • So that’s why you must have a chrome browser on your PC.

2: Via Bluestacks

  • First of all you need to download Bluestacks on your PC.
  • If you don’t know about it, then simply click this link and download Bluestacks.
  • https://www.bluestacks.com/
  • Next you need to sign-in or click on sign-up to create your new account.
  • Next login and search Wyze cam app.
  • And download it via Bluestacks, and click to install it.
  • That’s all about Bluestacks method.
  • Bluestacks automatically read apk files and launch them.
Wyze Cam via Bluestacks

3: Wyze cam app via RTSP Protocol

For this you need to a VLC software, through this you can watch video stream directly on PC via RTSP Protocol. RTSP Protocol is a very useful IP address, you can simply use chromecast to directly stream video on your PC.

Wyze cam via RTSP Protocol
  • First install RTSP firmware software.
  • Click on settings and then advanced settings and then RTSP.
  • Make sure it is up to date.
  • Enter to enable RTSP feature, mention username and password.
  • Next click to generate URL.
  • Next you can use this URL on your VLC player to stream video of camera.
  • Open VLC, click media options and then open network stream.
  • Mention the URL.
  • And that’s all, now you will watch the direct stream on your PC.
Wyze cam via RTSP Protocol


1. Is the Wyze Cam waterproof?

Ans: No. The Wyze Cams are not weatherproof and should never be left outside for more extended periods.

3. Can we use Wyze App without Internet?

Ans: No, it is not possible to do so.

4. Is the Wyze Cam battery operated?

Ans: No. The Wyze Cam doesn’t have any battery, so it needs to be plugged into an external power source.

Close Up

That is all about the Wyze cam app for PC, I have mentioned the 3 ways to download Wyze app on PC. RTSP VLC streaming is the easy one and you can easily connect to cam. Read this article to choose the easy way according to you. In any case you find any queries, feel free to comment down. Thanks!

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